Spa and Relaxation

Nature that connects. The inside with the outside. Puristic and reduced. For the maximum feeling of well-being. The fine and cozy wellness area in the Alpenloge.

The bathhouse. Light floods the relaxation room. A perfect symbiosis of color, form and materials. Matured timber meets natural stone. In a framework of light colors. With green accents. As a reminiscence to nature.

Magnificent views from the lounger. Or from the panorama sauna.
Into the endless mountain landscape. In the background the crackling of the fireplace. In addition, the brine steam bath and massage room. Harmony of the senses. In every moment tranquility. Relaxation. And enjoying relaxation.

Our Alpenloge bathhouse spa menu:

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Wellness massages:

Full body oil massage

A massage for relaxation and improvement of your general well-being.

60 minutes – 105 €

Head-shoulder-neck and back massage

To relax the head.
Head, face, shoulders and back will be massaged.
Setting you free with notable ease. Your face shines with freshness.
Your hair will be nurtured with oil.

60 minutes – 105 €

Back massage

A classic amongst massages because you’ll feel so good.
Muscles, skin and tissue accept the massage with gratitude while the limbering up, warming and relaxing affect is directly felt.

40 minutes

with aroma-oil – 75 €
with Ayurveda-oil – 85 €

Herbal pouch massage

Experience an intensive massage with a perfectly steamed and tempered pouch. With this innovate pouch massage the selected active substances are massaged directly into the skin.

70 minutes – 115 €

Foot reflex zones massage

Via massage of the various organ specific reflex zones, self-healing energy is activated as well as stimulating the metabolism. Foot bath and peeling.

40 minutes – 80 €

Ayurvedic massages:

Ayurveda – ancient knowledge for healthy living. Massages are an integral part. With meticulously produced traditional herbal oils, which simultaneously nurture and purify the body. Soft, but defined massage technique. An exceptional ritual. And a maximum of comfort on our luxury massage bench!

Full body massage

For the entire body
The warm oil embraces you. Allowing all to be forgotten.
Soft, relaxing. Tranquility.
Enjoy the affect afterwards in the relaxation room. As well as the view. Floating across the picturesque landscape.

90 minutes – 135 €

60 minutes – 115 €
(Head and face are not massaged)

Foot massage

For loyal feet.
Whether due to the stresses of daily life, or a mountain hike our feet carry us. They deserve to be pampered. The ayurvedic foot massage is not only a blessing for the legs. Rooting yourself. Freeing the mind. Foot bath and peeling.
40 minutes – 75 €

Allgäu hay-blossom packs(Only bookable with a massage)

Deep relaxation for the back, or stomach area. Via warm steam that continuously frees the powerful active substances from invigorating herbs and mountain hay directly onto the skin.

20 minutes – 40 €

Traditional Thai Massage

90 minutes – 135 €
only in connection with a stay in room 1, 7 or 9.

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Feels like home.